Kamis, 10 Desember 2015

Simple Oret-oret


aishh... because nowday I have so much time in my tiny room, so I have to satisfy my hand. And after long time not drawing and designing something, I try it again somehow..

and here the result :)

I am not capable for draw good sketch but at least I try and enjoy it hehe,,

Rabu, 09 Desember 2015

Bidadari Bidadari Surga

This is me again :), took so long for me for posting..
Few weeks ago, I bought one of Tere Liye's novel. The title is "Bidadari-Bidadari Surga". Because many good review about this novel, I dared to buy it. One word to describe this novel is BEAUTIFUL.

why ?

So many novel, film, and anything else that bring us in the modern love and life style. But the power of this novel is traditional style. Simple and poor family who lived in the countyside covered by mountain and wild forest. Living and educating by nature and traditionality, but bring them to face live more beautifully. This novel make me realize "what's is important in my life? what's iam trying to grab ? what's iam trying to protect? how to make into reality and how to be happy ?" The real true love will come to you when you have something. Whats something ? right time, right person, and right heart to manage your own feeling.

so this is quote for today :)

Dan sungguh di surga ada bidadari-bidadari bermata jeli (Al Waqiah: 22). Pelupuk mata bidadari-bidadari itu selalu berkedip-kedip bagaikan sayap burung indah. Mereka baik lagi cantik jelita. (Ar Rahman: 70). Suara Mamak berkata lebut saat kisah itu diceritakan pertama kali terngiang di langit-langit ruangan: bidadari-bidadari surga, seolah-olah adalah telur yang tersimpan dengan baik (Ash-Shaffat: 49)….

“Wahai, wanita-wanita yang hingga usia tiga puluh, empat puluh, atau lebih dari itu, tapi belum juga menikah (mungkin kerana kekurangan fisik, tidak ada kesempatan, atau tidak pernah 'terpilih' di dunia yang amat keterlaluan mencintai harta dan penampilan wajah. Yakinlah, wanita-wanita solehah yang sendiri, namun tetap mengisi hidupnya dengan indah, bersedekah dan berkongsi, berbuat baik dan bersyukur. Kelak di hari akhir sungguh akan menjadi bidadari-bidadari syurga. Dan khabar baik itu pastilah benar, bidadari syurga parasnya cantik luar biasa.”

Selasa, 29 September 2015

Black History : Tragedy Salim's

Salim's tragedy

How can I say it in the word, really speechless..
In this kind of the world when money take over all of part in ourlives..
At that time, human and animal look alike..
Forgive us God, who got silent.. who done nothing.. who saw this unjustice tragedy
What's human ???
"something who have love to take care others and something who think with both brain and heart "
Thats make us being called as human,,
                                                                               9/29/2015    ratikahann

Jumat, 13 Februari 2015

Valentine, the Story Behind

Long time no post, happy for everyone J..
          The 14th February now, I will posting about Valentine. Nowday, maybe many  people in whole part of this world celebrating valentine day. They give chocolate, red roses, and having little party with the special one. What’s Valentine? How being moslem to acknowledge it?

Story behind
Many different story told about valentine. Of course this came from Europe, Rome. There are 3 man who lived above 200 Century, named Valentine. They had very blue story written in history. Just one story that believed by many people in Europe and the most popular one. This in Kingdom of Rome when the ruler is  Caesar Caludius II. Many rebellion happened in this time so Caesar wanted to power up their army. The controversial one is prohibition for young man who able fight to married. This decision make many couple turn down their dream to being family.  “Love just make weak” , Caludius II thinking. Valentine, young monk, worked with hidden strategy to make lover be couple. Caesar furious knew about it, and gave penalty punishment to Valentine. The punishment is executed in 14th February. To respected Valentine who save love many couple, public celebrated annually 14th February to be dearly love day.

We acknokledge as muslem
Firman Allah dalam Surat Al-Isra’, "Dan janganlah kamu mengikuti sesuatu yang tidak kamu ketahui, karena pendengaran, penglihatan, dan hati nurani, semua itu akan diminta pertanggungjawabannya." (Al-Isra’:36)

Kemudian dalam Surat Al-An’am, ”Dan jika kamu mengikuti kebanyakan orang di Bumi ini, niscaya mereka akan menyesatkanmu dari jalan Allah, yang mereka ikuti hanya persangkaan belaka dan mereka hanyalah membuat kebohongan." (Al-An’am:116)

Serta sabda Nabi Saw, ” Barang siapa meniru suatu kaum, dia termasuk kelompok mereka.” (HR. Ahmad dan Abu Dawud).

Just decided by your own perspective what the best for yourself. 
Love is something that not  be shown  just at 14th February, 
Love is everyday, everytime, everywhere, and anyone. 

Rabu, 21 Januari 2015

Hana's Suitcase

                               Well, this time I will posting  review book that I have been read many years ago, maybe when I am still junior high schooler.  I borrow the book from my friend, Anggie, and the title is "Hana's Suitcase". When I asked Anggie about the reason she bought the book, she said "because it is my name, hahahaa" and she not regret to buy it. Huuuh... fortunately the story go well, if something wrong with the book I think Anggie will complain to me because it's my name  :)

The book began when Fumiko Ishioka, director of Tokyo Holocaust Center, was struggling to educate Japan's youth about the horor of Holocaust. What's Holocaust ? It's genocides in war or etc. Mr Ishioka wanted to give physical evidence about the horor of genocides. Many things sent from Auschwits, like : socks,  clothes and a suitcase. What's story behind the suitcase???

Mr. Ishioka and the suitcase....


                           The owner of suitcase named Hana Brady, 13 year old in the beginning of the story. She lived with her parent, big brother and grandparent. They lived happy in Czechoslovak province. Everythings was change since Nazi have power in that territory. Nazi arrested and taken away parent from their children, so children from their parent. It done to Hana. She watched their parent arrested my Nazi and never come back. Later, She and her big brother, George, also arrested to Theresientard concentration. George deported to Auschwits concentration camp. and survived  by working as labourer. While Hana deported later after her brother, she deported to gas chamber and died there.

picture of Hana Brady
How Mr. Ishioka find out about that story ??
Thanks to Mr . Ishioka that had been worked hard to find out everything. He met the big brother, George Brady who survived from genocides and lived in Canada. George told everything about his beloved little sister. In the suitcase there are some painting that Hana painted in camp.concentrate. The painting told us about cruel thing Nazi did to children. It's genocides..

one of Hana's painting inside of suitcase

To all children who survived cruelity of war now, children in Gaza and etc. :
Keep praying, The God always protect us. 
Keep hope, that someday it will over. 
Not now, but someday the adjustment is exist... 
Amiin..... Thas my player :)

Rabu, 31 Desember 2014

Happy New and Bless Year 2015 !!!

Assalamualaikum and Happy New Year 2015 for all people around the world  :)
Hope everyone get happy and blessing the new year..

Many pain and happy moment..
Many people come and left..
But that year make who am I now..
Special thanks to my friends, parents, and brotha'..
And My Lord <3..
At the last, this is really Goodbye :)

This is my wishlist for the new year 2015 :
1. More better and reliable lady
2. Get one and more precious person <3
3. Increase in praying and tawakal
4. Study to cook, i think :D
5. Watch Super show with some friends, hey oppadeul dont make more scandal T,T
6. Graduate and get nice & enjoyable job
7. Go to abroad !!! , maybe not this year but I always write it..^^
8. Everything I am doing, the imperfect I am, I will do my best.. ~

I am Ratika Hanna, I am ready to face the new year 2015 :) stay happy....

Senin, 29 Desember 2014

Catatan Hati Seorang Istri



       Today the long episodes  of the inspirational drama in one of Indonesian commercial television's ended.  This drama based on novel written by Asma Nadia, who successed to steal attention from teenager until adult women viewers. And how's the ending goes ? It's out of my perception really, and cause it, i like the ending. Not all of life run smootly like drama and it's the ending !!! 

 " How to make your life precious, beautiful and warm ? There are three key, check it out :
1. To Forgive, forgive all of people that even ruin your life.
2. To always keep  word "silaturahmi"
3. To be patient, patient to every path of your life.   (from Catatan Hati Seorang Istri )