Rabu, 31 Desember 2014

Happy New and Bless Year 2015 !!!

Assalamualaikum and Happy New Year 2015 for all people around the world  :)
Hope everyone get happy and blessing the new year..

Many pain and happy moment..
Many people come and left..
But that year make who am I now..
Special thanks to my friends, parents, and brotha'..
And My Lord <3..
At the last, this is really Goodbye :)

This is my wishlist for the new year 2015 :
1. More better and reliable lady
2. Get one and more precious person <3
3. Increase in praying and tawakal
4. Study to cook, i think :D
5. Watch Super show with some friends, hey oppadeul dont make more scandal T,T
6. Graduate and get nice & enjoyable job
7. Go to abroad !!! , maybe not this year but I always write it..^^
8. Everything I am doing, the imperfect I am, I will do my best.. ~

I am Ratika Hanna, I am ready to face the new year 2015 :) stay happy....

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