Minggu, 17 Agustus 2014

Twice Born

Boring !!! Yupp, waching movie is one of my best activities to kill time. I like Kdrama, teenager movie, also inspiring movie. Sometimes after watched inspiring movie, I just thinking alone. Curios case : Benjamin Button, The Lost Ring, and now I have been watched Twice Born.
          Twice Born (2013), this movie setting in Sarajevo, Bosnian War. Beautiful, hard, sad, tragic story. Film based on novel by Margaret Mazzantini. The story about love between two people that bring them to face the most cruelity of war. Now we reallized, to full live your life we need just not love but also sympathy and respect to others. Silents.. but you have right heart to speak up.

It's story about love
It's story about motherhood
It's story about war
It's story about respect others
It's story about humanity...

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