Rabu, 17 Desember 2014

Shut Up and Let's Go

       So this is one of drama that I have been watched until finish yesterday. How? Its about high schooler problem, about love and the most is friendships. Watched it make me miss so much all of my buddy :), how the story plot smootly out and touch us about happy and strong bond of friendships. They face it together, growth, laugh, cry, miserable, hopeless, and at the end life must go on !!!. And what's farewell ? When we begin our own life, be adult, but sure our bond will fate us to be together and dare to face the day after today, . But I will say that there's special condition that make goodbye is nothing. And when the "farewell " is don't exist ? When there's is...
1. Love for parents
2. Love for the person who true destined
3. Friendships

..........because these 3 bond are lasting. 

"Karena aku tidak ingin sendirian. Selain itu, tidak dapatkah  kita berhasil bersama-sama??? "   Hyun Soo

"Terima kasih sudah menjadi teman saya." Su Ah

"Saya pikir sudah saatnya kita masing-masing memutuskan apa yang ingin kita lakukan dengan hidup kita sendiri" Ji Hyuk

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