Selasa, 31 Desember 2013

Welcome the 14th from century

Welcome to 2014, and say goodbye to 2013..

       To me, new years is not for parting or others kind of fun. Always every 31 December comes to my life, that night I looked back to myself  in the past one year. What I have done in one year? New year also make me  older than before, that's upsetting.
       Yesterday again, still in my room.. I looked back to the past memories.. 2013 is not bad year to me, also not the luck year. Everything is in normal orbit, maybe some of them have change.But to me it still okay.

Back in that time...
many tears are flowing, 
many smile are growing,
Everything are rotating and changing
The destiny is setting based on our doing and praying

Lets looking forward to 2014...
" I hope I can be better person for everything in my life, be happy and can see the bright smile of myself, my parent, my little brother, my precious friends, and him "  that's my prayer...

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